Oustanding New Pokies From Rival

Warning ALL Rival Casinos Blacklisted

In March 2015, Tropica Casino powered by Rival gaming software, used hidden bonus T&C’s to steal my rightful AU$450 withdrawal. I was playing the downloaded casino suite. The bonus claim page listed approx 11 bonus rules, including wagering requirement. However, the bonus claim page, did not mention 2 important T&C bonus rules. These type of bonus rules are known by gamblers as “FU Clauses” and, were hidden in the Tropica Casino’s website T&C’s.

Reiterating, I was playing the downloaded Rival powered software. These 2 bonus terms should have been clearly stated along with the 11 other wagering terms. But they were not. Hence, it gave Tropica Casino a ‘loophole’ albeit in a very shady one, to use these 2 undisclosed bonus rules, to steal my AU$450 legitimate Tropica Casino winnings.

Cyberrock Entertainment Group Dodgy Tropica Owners

When an online casino stoops to such dodgy practices of hiding bonus rules in their General T&C’s, they can’t be trusted. Since being shafted by Tropica Casino in March 2015, all their casinos have been sold to Cyberrock Entertainment Group who, are even bigger crooks than the previous Rival powered Tropica owner. Tropic Casino is Blacklisted, again!