Tips to Increase Your Pokie Wins

To clear all the pokie myths about secret strategies and tricks to force a machine to pay-out more, there are none. If your looking for casino player tips to increase your chances of winning, I can help you with that. Firstly though, let me briefly touch on how a pokie machine or video slot works. In a land based setting, New Zealand pokies run on a microchip, which is per-programmed to give a certain RTP (return to player) percentage, between each game audit. At casinos online, all games are audited each month. And, from my understanding, Kiwi pokie venues audit their games every three months. Hence, over the course of all wagering, each machine will pay-out a minimum RTP. In New Zealand the Return to Player percentage varies. The average is 87.1% in Kiwi casinos. The average RTP for pokies online is 96.5%. Straight up you have a better chance of winning.

Pokie Wins Bankroll Management Guide

Smart gambling is the key to increasing your chances of more wins. But what exactly is Bankroll Management? It simply means not placing bets too large for your cash-on-hand. As an example, you commence your game play on a 5 reel 50 pay-line pokie machine, with a $100 bankroll. If you bet $1 a spin, this would get 100 spins. Now as you know, the big wins come from the free spins and bonus feature games. These expected pokie machine features drop on average ever 250 spins. That’s a worst case scenario. Your aiming for the free spins scatters to drop much sooner. Keeping your $100 bankroll bets small, gives you more spins. And more pokie machine spins, increases your chances of hitting these free game features.

Pokie Machine Variances

Although RTP rules the minimum pay-out over a period of time, game variance also plays a part in pokie machine wins.

High Variance Pokies

Break da Bank Again is a high variance pokie machine. It can pay-out insane wins when it’s running hot. But is can also turn your bankroll into loose change quickly. As you can see from the picture below, a mere 27 cent bet, hit the Gold-Bars and a Wild, in the free spins. This paid out $750.00US. The Wild pays 5x the line bet in standard game play. However in the free spins, a Wild combined on any winning pay-line, pays a massive 25x the basic win.

Microgaming Break da Bank Again high variance Kiwi pokie

Low Variance Pokies

A low variance machine gives lots of small to medium sized wins. These type of pokie games give more game play because they are less likely to drain your bankroll. If your a recreational casino player, low variance games will extend your play. The trade-off, less chance of winning big money. The best to see if the Kiwi pokie your playing is low variance, refer to the pay-table. If the top jackpot pay-out is small, your likely playing a low variance game.

Nextgen Gaming 1Can 2Can low variance New Zealand pokie

Play Smart Withdrawal Casino Winnings

I’m sure you’ve seen pub pokies players cash-out, even if they only won $50. Then start feeding coins back into the machine. That game strategy now makes a lot of sense. Instead of playing from credits won, your cashing-out and returning it to your bankroll. Since playing pokies online, I too use this withdrawal strategy. It’s too easy to keep playing with game credits. But withdrawing when I get a good win, the total adds up. Better the cash in your pocket than the casino’s!