Playtech Casinos Progressive Slots Scam

Each jackpot slot machine shares the same progressive jackpot pool. EG – If you were playing Playtech’s Jackpot Giant (progressive jackpot is currently $10,186,135.00), no matter which online casino your playing at, if you hit the jackpot, you win that amount. Hard to imagine winning NZD$10Mil in a single spin. But it does happen.

All progressive jackpot pools are held in trust by the software provider. In this case, that is Playtech casino software. When a progressive jackpot is won, that prize money is paid to the casino, in a single lump sum. The casino should then pay that entire lump sum to the winning jackpot slot player. However, in the case of most Playtech casinos, this does not happen. Instead, the casinos are keeping the entire jackpot payout, and only paying winners $9,000 in monthly installments.

This scam is being used by Grand Reef – a popular New Zealand Playtech powered online casino.

On learning this fact, Spin City Pokies have cut ties with Grand Reef Casino, and rogued them. Words such as fraud and more so criminal acts, best describe this Playtech progressive jackpots scam.

In the 17 years of being a casino affiliates, nothing really shocks me anymore. The online gaming industry can be polar tips apart. Highly ethical and honest as the day is long, casino operators. On the flip, there are scammers and clip joints too. With the actions of Grand Reef Casino, I now class them in the later group.

Avoid all Playtech casinos, especially the New Zealand Grand Reef Casino. There are plenty of decent gaming venues online, who payout their progressive jackpot winners in full. Save yourself stress and worry. Join our recommended casinos, instead.