Rival Powered Casinos Blacklisted

I’m going to make this short and sweet. As of today Friday 20’th March 2015, I am Blacklisting all Rival Powered Casinos. This action is not taken lightly. Yesterday I accepted a 300% bonus from Tropica Casino. Before I claimed this deposit bonus, I fine-tooth-combed through the Promotional terms and rules, which were written to the 300% bonus claim page. However not long after I withdraw my winnings, I received an email from, Tropica Casino Support. It stated my withdrawal had been cancelled. Why? Becuase I’d breached clauses (5.9 and 5.10). Point is though, neither of these additional terms/rules were listed on the promotional bonus claim page. Both had been omitted and instead, were hiding in the “general terms and conditions” on the website and not in the download software I was using.

Further to this, I’ve now also discovered that Tropica is not privately owned. Instead it’s a Rival White Label Casino. These online gaming venues have a bad reputation. I’d go so far as to call them clip-joints. Rival White Labels seem to make the rules up as they go along. As of today, with immediate affect, I have removed the following Rival Casinos from spincitypokies.net.nz

  • Blacklisted Tropica Casino – Rival White Label
  • Blacklisted Sahara Sands Casino – Rival White Label
  • Blacklisted Gibson Casino – Rival White Label
  • Blacklisted Ricardo’s Casino – Rival White Label

Spin City World of Pokies, advises all casino players to avoid the above gaming venues.


UPDATE (23/03/2015) – DOCH (Dodgy Online Casino History) opened in March 2010 and is a gambling watchdog site for both players and affiliates. Its sole purpose is blowing-the-whistle on rogue casino clip-joints, dodgy affiliate programs and “keeping the bastards honest”. To this end, DOCH has now Blacklisted Tropica Casino. Today it increased that warning, with immediate effect and Blacklisted All Rival Powered Casinos. It’s an informative article and lists the entire collection of casino powered by Rival Software.